Brownie Surprise Box!

Brownie Surprise Box!


Calling All Brownie Lovers! We have a wonderful surprise for you! Introducing our Surprise Box featuring FIVE different types of brownies! What's the surprise? You dont know which type you ordered, until you open your box! That's right! of the 5 types, you will get a surprise of 3 different flavors! What flavors are there?
PB Delight - Fudgey Brownie with a nice little Peanut Butter surprise in the middle!

Uh Oh Oreo - Fudgey Brownie filled with chunks of Oreo pieces!

Turlve Love - Fudgey Brownie Pieces of Pretzels, Peanuts drizzeled with Caramel & a dash of sea salt!

Candyland - Fudgey Brownie Filled with pieces of M&M Candies! Peanut Butter M&M, Chocolate and Peanut!

Chip'n'Dip -  Fudgey Brownie Filled with Milk Chocolate Chips in every single bite! 

Valentine's Day Option! 


Whichever one you get, you will NOT be disappointed!

Each surprise box comes with 2 pieces of each flavor for a total of 6 pieces.